sample pesticide reporting map


Recommended Map Links for Pesticide Use

Pesticide National Synthesis Project

"The pesticide-use maps provided on this web site show the geographic distribution of estimated use on agricultural land in the conterminous United States for numerous pesticides. Maps were created by allocating county-level use estimates to agricultural land within each county. A graph accompanies each map, which shows annual national use by major crop for the mapped pesticide for each year during the period. These pesticide use estimates are suitable for evaluating national and regional patterns and trends of annual pesticide use. The reliability of estimates, however, generally decreases with scale and these maps are not intended for detailed evaluations, such as within or between specific individual counties. "

Agricultural Pesticide Use in California

"CEHTP built this tool to enable users to explore California Department of Pesticide Regulation's Pesticide Use Reporting data."

Interactive Effects of Fumigants

"Simultaneous exposure to multiple fumigant pesticides occurs when fumigants are co-applied as mixtures or when applications of different fumigants occur in close proximity to each other. The maps below allow viewing of fumigant use by week in selected townships, a six square mile area. Zoom in on a block of interest and click on the block to display a chart of fumigant use by week for the top weeks in 2013. "