Mark Weller

SASS Members and Friends,

Please take just a few moments to submit a letter/email to the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) regarding Fumigant Notification policy by the public comment deadline of May 20. 

We have a right to know when hazardous drift-prone fumigants are applied near us, yet there currently is no state policy that requires notification of fumigant applications (except in a very limited way for methyl bromide)! 

DPR needs to see a flood of emails from us!

A template letter is below with the addresses you would need to email your comments.  The draft letter is similar to part of the letter submitted by Safe Ag Safe Schools (approved at the April 21 SASS meeting in Salinas), which we hope will be useful for individuals and organizations.

It's easy as 1-2-3 (Please don't take offense, but I'm spelling it out for the technically-challenged like me):

1) just copy & paste the email addresses (, into a new email, then
2) copy & paste the letter, and
3) write your name and address under "Sincerely" (Please, don't use/leave my signature information on your letter!).

Also, it would be a big help in tracking our impact if you could blind copy me when you send your letter.

Thank you!