children smiling at camera PANNA logo underneathMonterey county has become the mainland for the use of toxic pesticides with the largest ratio of schools in proximity to the fields that the pesticides are being applied. According to recent studies, this is a so-called “drift” from fumigants and applications of pesticides. Highly hazardous agricultural pesticides that are linked to cancer, birth defects and nervous system damage, drift in harmful concentrations far from their intended targets, onto school grounds where helpless and vulnerable children breathe and ingest them.

These toxins are extremely dangerous as they affect children’s early childhood development. They can also affect reproductive functions in adults, resulting in infertility, miscarriages, and prematurity. Certain types of fumigants block the breakdown of the enzyme that regulates nerve cell activity, causing weakness, dizziness, headaches, learning difficulties, vomiting, staggering, and convulsions. Even being exposed to low levels of carcinogens in fumigants for a long period of time can cause cancer. The lives of California workers and their families are already suffering the damage caused.

Pesticides: The Big Picture

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